Vinyl Sheridan 10×8 Arrow Storage Shed


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The Arrow Vinyl Sheridan’s spacious roof design combines with a deluxe vinyl coated steel exterior finish for superior storage space and durability. Available in 10’x8′ or 10’x14′ sizes for all your outdoor storage shed needs.

  • Premium vinyl-coated steel
  • 5 times thicker than standard finishes
  • Easy shed kit to assemble
  • Over 7 ft. tall
  • 15 year limited warranty!
  • Free FAST Shipping!
Wall Color: Almond with meadow green door frame trim
Roof Color: Meadow green


Model: VS108
Size: 10’x 8′
Storage Area: Sq Ft: 74′ Cu Ft: 487′
Interior Dimensions: Width: 118 1/4″ Depth: 90″ Ht: 86 5/8″
Wall Height: 62″
Door Opening: Width: 55 1/2″ Height: 60″
Recommended Foundation Size: Width:121″ Depth: 92 3/4″
Shipping Wt (lbs): 220

Arrow Vinyl – Vinyl Plastisol Coating

  • Vinyl coated galvanized steel

  • Paint is five times thicker than standard steel finishes

  • Vinyl is applied over a full coat of primer

  • Building resists scratches and fading

  • Flexible coating minimizes paint fracturing

  • Grained finish increases resistance to wear and abrasion

  • Mid-wall brace and hot-dipped galvanized metal frame parts


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