Vinyl Milford 10×8 Arrow Storage Shed


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Our vinyl coated metal 10×8 Milford shed will beautify your backyard setting while adding 74 square foot of extra storage space. Horizontal simulated siding looks terrific and blends easily with most homes. It’s roomy gable roof allows for plenty of headroom and space to hang your tools.

  • Premium vinyl-coated steel
  • 5 times thicker than standard finishes
  • Easy shed to assemble
  • Over 7 ft. tall
  • 15 year limited warranty!
  • Free FAST Shipping!
Wall Color: Almond with gray bark trim
Roof Color: Hickory Brown


Model: VM108
Size: 10’x 8′
Storage Area: Sq Ft: 74′ Cu Ft: 467′
Interior Dimensions: Width: 118 1/4″ Depth: 90″ Ht: 84 3/4″
Wall Height: 66 1/2″
Door Opening: Width: 55 1/2″ Height: 64 1/2″
Recommended Foundation Size: Width:121″ Depth: 92 3/4″
Shipping Wt (lbs): 233

Arrow Vinyl – Vinyl Plastisol Coating

  • Vinyl coated galvanized steel

  • Paint is five times thicker than standard steel finishes

  • Vinyl is applied over a full coat of primer

  • Building resists scratches and fading

  • Flexible coating minimizes paint fracturing

  • Grained finish increases resistance to wear and abrasion

  • Mid-wall brace and hot-dipped galvanized metal frame parts


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